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Fabric Care


Ultraviolet light damage to tent fabric is caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. While our fabrics are UV resistant, any synthetic fabric is susceptible to UV degradation. UV damage will cause nylon and polyester to become brittle and tear easily. We recommend that you use the rain fly even on clear days. It acts as a sunscreen to the tent. A rain fly is both easier and less expensive to replace if damaged. UV damage can be minimized by erecting tents on sites with low exposure to direct sunlight.


Due to the nature of tent fabrics, color can transfer from darker to lighter fabrics when the two fabrics are in contact over time when wet, damp or exposed to the combination of moisture and high heat. This does not affect the tent’s performance. To prevent/ minimize color transfer, always make sure your tent is completely dry prior to packing and storage.


All major seams are factory taped. Over time seams could experience delamination. Simply clean the seam and apply seam sealer that can be purchased at most outdoor stores.

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