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How to use the guy lines?


When high winds or a storm are predicted, do not count on staking alone to keep your tent secure. Depending on the model, your tent fly has built-in loops or rings at optimal guy out locations. It’s important to put in the extra time guying out your tent. Correctly done, it can save your tent during exceptional weather.

• Attach parachute cord to the loops/rings and stake them in the ground three or four feet from the edge of the tent. If staked too close to the tent, wind can cause an upward pull that could dislodge the stakes.

• Make sure that the top fly is securely attached to the framework underneath. Ties, hook and loop- and Velcro closures, or dogbanes and elastic loops are typical fasteners for this purpose.

• If your tent does not have loops or rings for guy outs, attach guy lines 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up the framework on the main sidewalls. This enables the guy line to support the lower section of the pole, while the upper pole can flex and deflect wind gusts. 

It is also a good idea to run two cords at an angle from the side of the guy out. This will prevent all movement, except toward the anchor. The idea is to get the guy lines to work together through opposition. See illustrations below:


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